Art Gallery Three ~ WoodenWare

In this Gallery are woodworking examples of something that I call "WoodenWare."


Sometimes called Primitive Art or Folk Art these pieces are built to order. 


I have always been interested in creating things out of wood and enjoy pushing myself to go beyond the envelope.


These are pieces that I created with a minimal amount of tooling - mostly a nose-block sander & bandsaw and, in a couple of instances, a Dremel tool. Click here and scroll down to "Banjo Builder" to see the nose-block sander I used.


For instance, the utensils took a great amount of care to shape them in with the nose-block sander. Such a big tool for a delicate job; I love a challenge! I used a bandsaw to create the tines on the fork.


The platter started out as a slab of mahogany. I cut it to a basic shape and then using the edge, or the corner of the nose block sander, I formed the slanted sides of the platter. I used a Dremel tool to fashion the bottom and the back of the platter and also to rout out the edge to inlay the beautiful abalone shell.


The Birdseye maple box was a gift I made for my wife. It contains a Valentine poem I wrote to her and I inlaid the lid with a combination of Abalone & Mother of Pearl depicting a scene of a hummingbird on "Hummingbird Lane" with mushrooms growing on the ground underneath the hummingbird near the bottom of the mailbox.


For prices please call or email me with a specific need you have in mind.