Art Gallery One ~ Scenes

In this Gallery you will find examples of various types of artwork I call Scenes. These can be anything from a carved fiddle tailpiece to the fireplace mantle piece of Nanook, a Timber Wolf in the Adirondacks.


Nanook was scrimshawed on a slab of ivory bound with tortoise shell binding. The turned posts and base are fashioned from Macasser Ebony. The finials are mammoth ivory and the name plate is a reshaped antique ivory piano key. 24-k gold pins attach the ivory to the posts and this piece is finished off with leather on the bottom to protect furniture and prevent slippage.

My work covers a wide range of ideas. Contact me and I will be glad to collaborate with you to design a piece of artwork and help you bring it to life.


I can create individual artwork for your workplace. Or how about for your home library, den, or fireplace mantle? My artwork adorns the homes of well pleased clients all across America.


My creations make wonderful wedding, anniversary, and birthday gifts. These are exclusive, well-thought out designed pieces that will be enjoyed for generations to come.


I use mammoth ivory and antique ivory for my creations. My mountings are fabricated from exotic woods but when the piece calls for it I will always use that which is most complimentary to the overall theme of the scrimshaw.